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My name is Clara Frances McClure and I am a senior Public Relations and Marketing major at Auburn University. I  initially started this blog as part of a class assignment and ultimately decided to continue the posts in an unstructured and more “me” way.

Every since I was younger I have loved writing- any kind. Creative themes are my favorites but, any type of writing > math, science, tests, etc. (I know all PR majors are nodding right now and accountants are rolling their eyes.) Anyway, I had always toyed with the idea of a blog but never got around to it until I was forced to make one for a grade- funny how these things work!

As a person in general, I would describe myself as a very creative and inventive mind. I love anything that coincides with inspiration- writing, fas-

hion, photography- and want to hopefully work in an environment where I can experience this. I’m also a huge fan of the “multiple interpretations” thought (hence why I hate math). Yes, I have my own ideas, beliefs and moral code, but I am open to hearing, listening and sharing other people’s thoughts.

I grew up in Tallahassee, Florida snd have lived in the South my whole life. However, I personally would consider myself, particularly my fashion sense, less of what you think of when you think of “the South.” Selfishly I consider it, as well as the topics I explore in this blog, a unique blend of multiple different areas of the country including personalities, food, fashion and hopefully destinations.

On this blog I hope you will find an interesting mix of topics that either interest you or at least peak your interest. I have no specific umbrella genre- more of a “hmmm I think this would be a cool post” type deal. Remember, the more unstructured, the better 🙂

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy and pease feel free to comment! The first six posts were ones I completed over the course of the school year, so do with that information what you will. Below is a brief explanation of the techniques and skills I learned while in the process of making this blog. Feel free to read on or skip to the next post- after all, the more creative we get, the better!

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Throughout last semester, I have been writing and posting blog posts via WordPress. The articles are primarily geared towards incoming freshmen and were published over a series of weeks periodically throughout the fall. These posts ranged from helpful tips, to senior spotlights, to upperclassmen advice, to restaurants of Auburn features. As they were being published in WordPress, the blog posts were also submitted and posted to The Auburn Family, a website with many articles written by students which embodies the Spirit of Auburn and its students.
This process of writing and keep track of my own blog taught me several valuable skills that I will use throughout my life as well as in the professional world.

WordPress Usage

During this experience, I was able to create, manage and explore the elements and various tools of my blog. Prior to this, I had had limited experience with publishing with WordPress. It is now an easy and accessible platform to create and showcase many different types of avenues.


I consider myself a time-efficient and time-oriented person. However, working with a blog not only enhanced this quality, but also taught me to work under a major time crunch and deliver clear, well-written and interesting pieces on a regular basis. Rather than writing one paper, I learned to write multiple posts each week and deliver them in a timely manner.

Brevity and Clarity

Each mode of writing has it’s different style. For instance, writing a script versus a novel versus a biography versus a blog. As a writer, my style is very detailed and descriptive. For this particular project, I learned to shorten my descriptions and deliver information in a blunt and straightforward fashion, while still keeping the content interesting

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