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Welcome to my mock social media release. On this post you will find elements of what is modeled after a real media kit. This release offers details surrounding the proceedings of a real event and the company, however, it was not used in the actual event proceedings. Rather, this provides an idea of what could potentially be used had the owner chosen to pursue this route. I have included several aspects typical of a release like this including a pitch detailing the event, a background of the company, a video tutorial leading to the website for further exploration and several easy-to-read bullet points highlighting aspects of the event. The bulleted section would most likely be used if someone needed a quick idea of the fundamental details surrounding the trunk show.

This is a release for a university course. It is not an official release. This social media release and content is not affiliated with Malick and Grace. Most information included is fictional.


Malick and Grace is an up and coming jewelry business that specializes in fine jewelry for all occasion. Owner, Keely Sexton, lives and is based out of LA from where she travels around the country hosting trunk shoes to showcase her products. Her jewelry includes

a sorority line for every Greek Panhellenic organization as well as a vintage line and other pieces for special occasions. Keely is hoping to take her business more national and expand her customer base. (above: Malick and Grace logo)


As a solo small-business owner, Keely primarily sells her products online and at the trunk shows she has country-wide. On Sunday, November 26, 2017, Keely will be hosting her first trunk show in Auburn Alabama. The trunk show will take place in the Kappa Delta chapter room in The Village residence halls. The chapter room will be open to the public from 1-3 p.m. on that day. Keely will be showcasing pieces from all her different lines, including other sorority apparel.

Basic Highlights

  • Malick and Grace will hold a trunk show at Auburn University in the Kappa Delta Chapter room on Sunday, November 26 from 1-3 p.m.
  • Jewelry from all of different jewelry lines, including vintage and sorority jewelry
  • Malick and Grace‚Äôs owner Keely Sexton will be in attendance

Images from the Event

Photos taken by Clara Frances McClure

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