Seven Reasons Why Every Freshman Should Live in a Dorm

Deciding where to live is one of the first basic steps to fully transitioning into college life. Though an apartment may have certain appeals because of the amenities that come along with

it, a residence hall is a much better and more logical choice for incoming freshmen. (right: Helen Keller Hall)

1. Centrally Located

Location, location, location. Living in a residence hall puts you within walking distance of everything a freshman needs. You have classrooms, dining options, and recreational activities just steps away. While an apartment is at best, a fifteen minute walk from campus, residence halls allow you to have that extra fifteen minutes to sleep after some late night studying.

2. It’s Happening

Dorms are where it all happens. It’s where people hang out, do homework and catch up. In and around the dorms is also where the majority of freshman will be and the perfect social scene to meet and mingle.

3. Sharing is Caring

It’s true, you will have to share a bathroom with at least one other person in a residence hall. Even though this is probably the most space you’ve ever had to share with another person, it truly teaches the art of working well with others. Learning to compromise sometimes is a skill that will be incredibly useful later on in life.

4. Apartment life if for the Upper Classmen

After living in both a dorm and an apartment, I can confidently say mostly older students live off campus. Being in the minority, age-wise, on top of not knowing many people would be a difficult way to start college. Thus apartment lifestyle would lend itself to less freshman interaction in general.

5. Parking & traffic: a non-issue

Whenever there is something to go to on campus- a football game, a concert, a meeting- you don’t have to worry about parking. While others are scrambling to look for a spot where they won’t get a ticket or towed, you can easily walk from place to place. Additionally, whenever there’s a big game or a lot of traffic in town, you don’t have to worry about that bumper-to-bumper, helpless feeling.

6. Power Naps

Unfortunately, there will no doubt be some late nights for you throughout college. There may even be some all-nighters, depending on the course. But you’re also going to be a busy freshman with all sorts of social obligations and fun things to do. That’s where the dorm comes in: if you ever even have 30 minutes, your bed is two steps away, which is perfect if you need a little pick-me-up before class.

7. Friendships

Dorms are the perfect place to foster your first friendships as a freshman. There are so many new people living just right outside your door. Asking for homework help, borrowing ketchup and running outside when the fire alarm goes off may truly become an amazing bonding experience. In residence halls, friends are all around you, just seconds away- some that may be life-long!

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