A Newbies Guide to Auburn Restaurants

The first year of college is a huge adjustment for any freshman. Whether you’re from out of state of forty-five minutes down the road, transitioning from high school can be a daunting and exciting process. On top of new surroundings, new friends and new classes, there’s an entire new town for freshman to navigate as well. The city of Auburn has so much to offer, even though it may seem small compared to other larger college towns. It has a homely and welcoming vibe packed in with boutiques, nail salons, and of course food. In fact, Auburn boasts some amazing dinging options. If you get tired of the Student Center, Wellness Kitchen and Village Dining, here’s a couple of off-campus opportunities that are truly worth the trip downtown.

The Hound

If you’re looking for amazing southern comfort food with some classic twists, this is the place. The Hound’s menu includes delicious entrees including Mama’s Meatloaf, a bison burger, pork and dumplings and fried brussel sprout salad. It also boasts the one of the most popular brunch destinations in Auburn with a line out the door every Saturday and Sunday morning.


Feeling some Asian? Fuji serves the classics from Teriyaki to a wide variety of sushi selections. Tucked away in a strip mall of College Street, this is the perfect low-key, casual dining experience. This is a perfect study break for the busy college student who’s craving a

Volcano Roll while wearing anything from sweatpants to workout clothes. (left: Picture of sushi from Pexels)


If tacos are what you want, Tacorita, as the name implies, is the place to be. With a menu that caters to all types of cravings, Tacorita offers amazing and innovative chicken, beef, veggie and seafood selections. Hungry for more? Grad some queso and guacamole on the side! Gluten free? Don’t fret. Ask for a lettuce wrap and still experience the same amazing flavors.

Moe’s Original BBQ

A staple in the heart of downtown Auburn, Moe’s is the perfect game day watching spot. TVs, a casual atmosphere, affordable prices and, of course, amazing food, Moe’s offers a great indoor-outdoor feel. Don’t feel like you have to come in your Sunday best either. Throw on a jersey and you’re good to go. All you have to do is wait for you number to be called and dig in.

Ma Fia’s

If you’re feeling adventurous, and craving some amazing Italian, travel a few minutes down the road to Opelika, Alabama. There are many more hidden gems to discover. A definite must-try is Ma Fia’s Italian restaurant. Fresh, authentic, cozy and sophisticated, this restaurant is immediately inviting and reminiscent of a snap shot of Italy. Start with antipasto or Caprese salad and move into eggplant parmesan or seafood limoncello. Every bite is worth the drive. (above: pizza image from Pexels)

Whether you’re looking for a fancier dining experience of a casual way to escape campus, Auburn has these and so many more dining options for students. This is just another exciting way to explore the city of Auburn.

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