Healthy Tips for Surviving College

College is one of the most fun and exciting periods of your life. You meet new people, have new experiences and make amazing memories throughout all four years. However, this is also the first time you are completely independent and on your own- without the help of parents. For some this is a daunting thought, for others it is an exhilarating one. No matter where you stand, there are still major adjustments for everyone. One of these, namely, is staying healthy.

In high school, it was easy for someone to tell you to eat your vegetables and go to bed; but at Auburn, you make your own schedule. Everyone has heard about the dreaded freshman 15. However, such a scenario is easily avoided with a few simple tricks that will hopefully make freshman year that much better.

Take a power nap

Everyone will experience a late night of studying, or maybe even an all-nighter, a some point in college. But when the coffee wears off, sometimes it can be hard to function. That’s where the nap comes into play. Even a quick 20 minutes one can work wonders. It’ll be a nice break for your brain and give you energy to continue about your day. (below: image of a kitten sleeping taken from Pexels)

Eat your veggies

Sometimes a late night pizza craving can only be satisfied with, well, pizza, and maybe some ice cream too. And that’s perfectly fine- every now and then. If you start to feel snacky often on those late nights, opt for some carrots and ranch or an apple. Auburn offers so many places to grab a quick and nutritious snack. Craving something a little more sweet? The village dining offers a Greek yogurt bar with all sorts of delicious toppings including granola, blueberries and chocolate chips! Don’t feel like walking anywhere late at night? Stock up on trail mix and granola bars from the Student Center after class to save for later! They may just come in handy (pictured below: vegetables taken from Pexels).

Use that rec

Honestly, one of the nicest facilities on Auburn’s campus is the Rec Center. With three levels, an indoor track with hills, basketball courts and a rock gym, who wouldn’t want to work out there? Grab a friend and make it a habit! If you’re feeling adventurous or want more variety, sign up for a Groupfit class. Auburn offers so many interesting options from cycling to Pilates to HIIT to water aerobics. You will never be bored!

Go on a walk

If you’re not feeling indoors, or the sunshine is just too pretty to pass up, take a walk! I promise, Auburn’s campus has enough hills to make it just as good as a gym workout. With downtown being so close, you can even venture off campus and explore the city. Fall in Auburn is the perfect walking weather. Or, if you want to be even more adventurous, drive over to Chewacla State park and hike to the waterfall. It’s a relaxing way to be active and detox at the same time.

There are so many simple ways to maintain a (relatively) healthy lifestyle while at the same time keeping up with your busy schedule. Auburn the university and the city offers so many opportunities for students to grow and learn to be healthy on their own without the help of their parents. These simple solutions are perfect and easy to follow no matter what your major or year.

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