Denim on Denim

So I’ve decided, in between some of the more lifestyle blogs, I’m going to start sprinkling in some short fashion posts as well. It’s something that, in addition to writing, I am very passionate about and enjoy. Honestly, sometimes my day is made just because I put together the right outfit-  I’m a firm believer in the idea that the better you feel, the better you act.

My mama is definitely my fashion inspiration. Jules has an incredible style sense and kills the game when it comes to being the most fashionable mom there is. Over the years, I have certainly developed my own unique sense of style- one that she doesn’t always approve of (think graphic tees worn with cute shorts), but I wouldn’t be my own person if my style was a carbon copy of hers now would I? And needless to say, we have agreed to disagree when it comes to certain items of clothing (i.e. no Lily Pulitzer for me and no ripped jeans for her).

Anyway, these posts will definitely be a little shorter, don’t worry, and have plenty of pictures along with several tips about where to get items of clothing/less expensive alternatives to our favorite name-brand places. So here’s our first style!!

Below, we have a good ole throwback making a comeback- denim on denim.

With this outfit, I chose to wear two different color denims- a classic light wash dress paired with a white denim jacket. To make the look even more retro, I opted for converse instead of sandals or another, daintier shoe. Finally, to finish the outfit off, I chose a leather, triple wrap choker, gold hoops, and of course my round sunnies to give an overall relaxed, but still put-together and preppy vibe.

This is the perfect outfit for that weird transition period between winter and spring- when it’s not hot but not horribly cold all the time. It’s also a great combo for a casual weekend shopping spree or day-trip with the girls. The dress and shoes make it comfortable, but

the jacket makes it put-together and adds an extra layer for when the sun goes down and it gets chilly.

So a cool thing about this outfit- a lot of it is a throwback to my old early high school closet. I just revamped and put specific pieces together in a more current/professional way. This a great way to save money and use some of those creative juices- you’d really be surprised the pieces you’ll find and can re-use… late teen you is not as hopeless as you remember!

Now for some tips!!

Tip #1: The white jean jacket is actually from Old Navy and it’s amazing. Yet another oversized-denim jacket I have in my closet is from Target. Moral of the story: it does not need to be designer or extremely expensive to still look good. 

Try shopping for staple items of clothing in department stores or even thrift shops before paying an arm and a leg for the same quality and look.

Tip #2: Gold hoops dress up any outfit. I am a huge fan of earrings in general. But hoops can add that little touch of sophistication and glam to an outfit without being obnoxious or too distracting. These are another staple item you can get at a reasonable price in almost any Dillard’s or TJ Maxx.

Tip #3: you can almost never go wrong with converse. These shoes are  classic and match pretty much any outfit. I absolutely love my converse and Vans and probably wear them way to much. To spice things up, try a pair of sparkly or brightly colored converse. Paired with the right outfit, it could be the perfect touch.

Tip #4: So I got the choker at Target- and I think it was like $5. Again, do not feel like everything in your closet has to be designer. Target, TJ Maxx, and Dillard’s are all some of my favorite go-tos. I have even been known to take a leather cord I had from a package and wrap it around my neck as a choker. No one will know the difference, I promise.

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